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Privacy Statement

The Snow Day Calculator is committed to offering you an incredibly useful and safe experience. Any personal info that you directly provide us in relation to your use of the services (such as your email, phone number, zip code, etc.) will NEVER be sold to anyone. Any communications you receive from the Snow Day Calculator will be directly related to the services you have signed up for, have expressed interest in, or new features that you might be interested in. Your info will only be used to offer you a personalized and rich experience on the Snow Day Calculator website and its apps while protecting your privacy. Other data that comes from the devices you use to access the Snow Day Calculator may be shared with partners in an anonymized way and can be used to run analytics, understand trends and markets, and ultimately to provide you with better service.

Use of Cookies

When you visit the website and when you log in, a small cookie may be stored in your browser so that the website can identify you between visits. This is designed to improve your experience and make your life easier. Other services, such as advertisers, may also place a cookie that is used to anonymously understand what you are interested in and present you with relevant ads. These services are governed by their own industry compliant privacy polices. You may opt out of ad network cookies here or in your browser settings and these choices will apply to all the sites you visit on the Internet.


The spirit of this Privacy Policy and its commitment to your safety and respect will never change, but the exact language and details of what partners we work with might be updated here from time to time without other notice. This policy will not be legally binding but is designed to offer you important information about how your information is collected and used while maintaining unwavering respect for your privacy rights. If you have any questions about this commitment or how your information is used, please reach out out directly to David Sukhin using this contact form and we will work with you to answer your questions and make any changes necessary. We look forward to providing you with the best, safest, and most transparent experience possible.