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Get Texts From the Snow Day Calculator

Get a text message with the Snow Day Calculator predictions a day before they go up on the website, telling you the next possible snow day three days in advance!

Get Paid to Sell Ad Space for the Website

You will be paid 35% of each Ad you help sell! It's a super easy way to get paid money by helping the Snow Day Calculator!

Get a Snow Day Calculator App for iOS or Android

Get snow day predictions on your smart phone on the go. The Snow Day Calculator App is available for Apple and Android devices.

Advertise with the Snow Day Calculator

Advertise on the prediction page of the Snow Day Calculator and get super local advertisements targeted by the user's zip-code.

Donate to the Snow Day Calculator

A donation to the Snow Day Calculator will go a long way. The calculator will continue to be updated and formula and interface will constantly be improved!

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If you want a quicker, less detailed response or you have a question about your current Snow Day Prediction, post a comment on the Snow Day Calculator Facebook Page or tweet it to @SnowDayCalc.

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